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Erasmus + project „Migration: Which way ?”

2016-11-25, paskelbė Romena Antanavičienė
 Erasmus + project „Migration: Which way ?”

 4 members (Simona Piatkute, Matas Bondarovas, Deividas Tarvydas, Rūta Jegnoraitė - Juškienė) from Vidukle Simonas Stanevicius Gymnasium took part in Erasmus + project „Migration: Which way ?” in Istanbul, Turkey.


There were participants  from 10 countries: Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Check Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, Turkey and the United Kingdom.  Youth workers from different organisations (18-30 years old) directly working with young people and/or refugees/immigrants tried to raise our awareness and brake some stereotypes. The aim of this project was to gain experience and  new competences , finding new ways how to  work with immigrants and  refugees also, educate youth and work on  anti-discrimination topics. They were ready to share their experience and great practice and they wanted to take initiative and action in connection to the topic.


The project  started  in November 13th having much confidence  and being  inspired. We all wanted to know more about migration. It was a very good idea to live in the rooms with participants from other countries and to know their culture and national identity. Activities during this project  were about migration, its minuses and pluses, consequences and results.  In Lithuania there is a belief that there is no migration  in our country but the proof is that migration is  everywhere, so that is why we have to talk about it in our communities. This project inspired participants to know more about world’s issues. Of course, the end of the  project was so exciting that participants did not want to leave because we all became friends.  The end of this project was  in November 22nd.We came home  having great  experience and knowledge about migration and refugees.


Deividas Tarvydas


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